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We are Experts in ATS Diesel Performance Products

Posted on 21 March 2015

When scouring the internet for ATS products, a lot of stores will pop up.  The pricing is all the same - as are shipping costs.  So what separates Street Diesel Power from the rest?  Customer service and expertise.  

Unfortunately, many of the big box stores know less about performance parts than you do.  They know part numbers, marketing campaigns and how to email shipping confirmation.  But what if you have technical questions prior to purchasing a $5000 transmission?  Do they know what size AR housing works best on your 2005 Dodge Cummins?  If your truck is torn apart in your driveway, and you don't know where a part goes, can they answer the question?  Chances are, they'll tell you to call the manufacturer's toll free number.

We do not believe customer service begins and ends with a part number and tracking information.  To us, our products are not just part numbers, they are performance.  They give a smile ear-to-ear when you go on the first test drive.  They propel your truck to that elusive 11 second 1/4 mile pass.  They let you pull that mountain cooler and faster than you ever have.  If it is on our site, we have run them on our own trucks, seen how they are built, talked to the engineer who designed it and have thousands of real-world stories of how they perform.  

We believe customer service goes beyond the point of sale and extends to guiding you to the right product.  If a problem arises, we wont tell you to call the manufacturer.  Our job - our duty - is to see if we can help.  And if we can't fix it?  Let us get in contact with the manufacturer for you.  

This is our commitment as your preferred ATS Diesel Performance retailer.  Let us show you the expertise missing from the big box stores.

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