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How Transmission Core Charges Work

Posted on 19 April 2015

All aftermarket transmissions require a core.  There are a handful of stock components needed to rebuild a 68RFE, Allison, 48RE, 5R110, 6R140, etc., into the setup of your choice.  Because of this, manufacturer's require a core deposit.  Which parts are re-used?  How can core charges be avoided?  What about a transmission conversion?

The parts re-used in an aftermarket transmission are the case, bellhousing, extension housing, pump and valve body shell, sun gears, planets and pressure plates.  The torque converter has a core to re-use the impeller and back portion of the converter facing the pump.  These are re-used because to replicate them in the aftermarket would make transmissions beyond most people's budgets.  Plus, it would complicate and make exceptionally long lead times to cast a case, or mill planets or weld an impeller.

All ATS transmission packages on the Street Diesel Power site automatically add the core charge to the price.  To avoid the core, we can arrange pickup of your stock transmission.  Simply drain the transmission of fluid, secure it to a pallet (shrink wrap or straps work great) and let us know the pickup address.  We handle it from there!  If the manufacturer receives your core prior to shipping the new transmission, you do not pay a core charge.  While the truck is not operable during this time, you do not have to pay the $1200, $1600, $1800, $2200 or $2700 core charge (depending on your year and make truck).

Core damage, whether sent in first or after the fact, can impact your core refund.  Broken cases, sheared planets, cracked pumps or converters can lessen your core refund.  These are handled upon inspection at the manufacturer's facility.  In these cases, we are notified and promptly notify the customer of this damage.  

What if you plan on swapping a 47RE or 4R100 behind your diesel engine?  ATS has setup programs to accept 68RFE cores for 47RE or 4R100 swaps.  It's an even exchange of cores with no additional cost.  Swaps that involve 48RE's or Allisons are excluded from this core exchange.  As a customer, you will be responsible for either A) Supplying a 48RE or Allison core for building or B) Paying the core charge in addition to the product price.

For any specific questions about core charges, freight, or what is/is not an acceptable core, give us a call or send us an email.

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