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Racing Parts

Posted on 25 April 2015

This is a question we have received a lot over the years.  Magazines and social media glorify the racing world (whether drag racing or sled pulling).  Who doesn't like seeing a monster Cummins, Duramax or Powerstroke tear down the track?  Heck, we do!  And we have done it with our Cummins and Duramax.  But, if a part handles racing applications, does it mean it's tough enough for a daily driver?

The glamorous part of racing never shows the countless hours that goes into the setups.  The refreshes on parts (transmission, motors, turbos, etc), what goes on in the pits or the trailer full of spare parts.  Racing is fun . . . and it breaks parts.  All the time.  It comes with the territory you could say.

These trucks are punished for short bursts with tremendous amounts of torque and power.  But could they do that for 10,000 miles?  100,000?  300,000?  Can they hook to a trailer and do hotshot work?  How about pulling a horse trailer over a mountain pass?  The simple answer is no.  I would argue that the daily drivers, tow rigs and work trucks put far more strain on parts than racing applications.  We aren't just talking about a 9 second pass, a handful of times at an event and a refresh before the next race.  The work and tow trucks HAVE to perform, daily, to support the owner and their family.  Mortgage payments, bills and lifestyle depend on that truck firing up each morning.  They go through heat cycles, cold starts, stop and go traffic in the desert.  They depend on reliability.

This leads into the choice of parts for your truck.  The setups on race vehicles are extravagant - and sometimes - works of art.  There is craftsmanship in their builds and blood, sweat and tears.  But what works on a 1500hp Cummins may not be the best strategy for a welding rig.  Steel pistons, huge compounds or triples, etc., don't lend themselves to hundreds of thousands of miles of trouble-free operation.  When thinking about the setup for your truck, it is important to select components that support your use.  If it's going for a 9 second pass or getting you to the job site, the parts are related - but not necessarily interchangeable.  

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