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  • Banks Power Git-Kit 1994-1997 7.3L Powerstroke

Banks Power

Banks Power Git-Kit 1994-1997 7.3L Powerstroke



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When ordering online, enter catch code into note section at checkout.  Look for 4-character code with three letters followed by one digit (eg:NVK6) Code can be found on forward end of drivers door if not present or readable, locate black plastic ECU box under dash, left of pedals. Code is on back of ECU.

Banks Git-Kit is a kind-to-your-budget rocket-booster that unleashes top gains of +40 hp and +72 lb-ft torque, raises turbo boost and maintains safe EGTs.

OttoMind® Module
Banks' electronic OttoMind engine calibration module perfects the air-fuel ratio, maintains exhaust gas temperatures (EGT) safely at or below the stock recommendation, and tunes low-end torque for strong acceleration and load-pulling capability. Unlike "fits-all" chips that provide crude fuel increases, OttoMind precisely matches fuel delivery to Banks' airflow improvements, so your diesel engine will last its 300-400,00-mile lifetime. Each OttoMind is calibrated to a specific, corresponding Power Stroke engine code.


Monster® T.O.P. turbine-outlet pipe
Banks' stainless constant-diameter Monster T.O.P. (bottom pipe) flows 728 cfm @1 psi, beating the factory's turbine-outlet pipe (top pipe) by 26% and the nearest competitor by 12%. Banks protects diesel durability by maintaining the turbine-outlet EGT safely within the stock recommendation. Includes integral stainless-clad, ceramic-matrix heat shielding (not shown) and pyrometer-probe fitting.

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