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  • Black's Diesel Performance 03-07 Cummins Long Block

Blacks Diesel Performance

Black's Diesel Performance 03-07 Cummins Long Block



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Street Diesel Power is proud to offer the Black's Diesel Performance complete long block with a 2 year / 24,000 mile warranty!

Standard Reman Longblock Includes:
New Pistons
New Main Bearings
New Rod Bearings
New Cam Bushings
New Crank Seals
New Oil Cooler
New Oil Pump
New Gaskets
New Rings
Front Gear Cover
Oil Pan
New Valve Seals
Performance Valve Job
Black's Diesel Performance uses only genuine Cummins/Mahle parts in their builds. These engines come with custom clearancing on rods/mains as well as rings/cylinders to offer better oiling and longer engine life.  Black's Diesel Performance fits every ring to specification.  All components are magnafluxed/inspected for cracks, wear, damage, etc.  All engines come freshly painted black.  Custom paint colors available upon request.
Black's Diesel Performance does not regrind or weld cranks, blocks or heads.  They only use 100% core material.

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