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  • DDP LMM High Flow Injectors
  • DDP LMM High Flow Injectors
  • DDP LMM High Flow Injectors
  • DDP LMM High Flow Injectors

Dynomite Diesel

DDP LMM High Flow Injectors



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The DDP LMM-XX High Flow Injector Set will make your Duramax Fly. With the Allison 5 and 6 speed, the Duramax is already fun to drive. Why not add an addition kick with DDP Injectors. Unlike an electronic box, honed performance injectors are almost impossible for a factory technician to detect. With DDP’s Balance Honed injectors you can be confident that your warranty will not be compromised and you’ll have the extra pulling power to beat your friends up the mountain.

The 50 horsepower nozzles will give you 50hp at the wheels. You can use these in conjunction with an aftermarket electronic box or downloader without the worry of draining the fuel rail dry. We do not offer a 90hp version because we feel that 50 is the largest you can do without needing dual injection pumps. These injectors work equally well in a completely stock truck.


  • 1-Year Unlimited Mileage Warranty
  • 1-2 MPG Increase Common on 50HP Nozzles
  • Race Injectors Also Available


  • 50HP: Excellent Mileage & Great Performance
  • 75HP: Adds approx. 75RWHP
  • 100HP: Adds approx. 100RWHP

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