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  • Fleece Cummins Crankshaft Barring Tool
  • Fleece Cummins Crankshaft Barring Tool


Fleece Cummins Crankshaft Barring Tool



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The Fleece FPE-CCBT Crankshaft Barring Tool allows you to turn your 1989-2015 Dodge 5.9L & 6.7L Cummins over with ease. A new design that is much easier to use than the barring tool that interfaces with the flywheel housing and starter ring gear. To install, simply remove the 4 bolts holding the damper, install this tool, re-install the bolts and torque to spec. You'll never back a bolt out of the damper when trying to reach TDC and overshoot.

They are especially useful when removing and reinstalling a transmission. No need to use a pry bar on the starter ring gear to rotate the enter to R&R converter bolts.

  • Built From 1018 Steel
  • Accepts 1/2" Drive Ratchet 
  • No Need To Remove Once Installed
  • Works w/ Factory Crank Bolts & Roll Pins
  • Fits Vibratech Fluidampr & Factory Dampers
  • Electorless Nickel Plated For Corrosion Resistance

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