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  • Longhorn Fab Shop Universal Traction Bars Hot Street - Short Bed
  • Longhorn Fab Shop Universal Traction Bars Hot Street - Short Bed

Longhorn Fab Shop

Longhorn Fab Shop Universal Traction Bars Hot Street - Short Bed



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The Longhorn Fab 200901-UNV-72-HS Traction Bars feature a universal fitment and can be installed on a wide range of applications. This kit is the perfect solution to putting traction bars on your truck. Almost all trucks have wheel hop issues right off of the factory floor. Even under stock power levels this wheel hopping can cause extremely costly repairs, including broken driveshafts, broken axle pinion yokes, premature u-joint failure and wearing of suspension components. On top of these issues anytime the wheel hops, it is not touching the pavement. If it is not touching the pavement, you’re not getting traction!
Longhorn Fab Shop listened to the demands and created a simple, cost effective solution to the problem. Longhorn Traction Bars are affordable enough for the daily driven truck, yet strong enough for dedicated sled pullers and drag racers. Whether you drive your truck to watch the competition, or trailer it in because you ARE the competition you’ll love the strength, design, adjustability, and ease of installation of the Longhorn Traction Bars.
This kit includes the upgraded Hot Street Rod Ends available exclusively from Longhorn Fab Shop. This rod end is for the budget conscience racer/sled puller that still wants an upgraded rod end compared to the standard end. This end is designed to have less noise, smoother operation, and provide more strength than the standard grade end.


  • Hot Street Rod Ends 
  • Manufactured In The USA! 
  • Frame Mounts Can Be Bolted (C-Frame) Or Welded (Boxed Frame) 
  • Laser Cut & CNC-Bent Brackets Ensure Perfect Fit 
  • Completely Adjustable For Suspension Preloading Without Removing 


  • Grade 8 Hardware
  • Length: 72" (Fits Most Short Bed Models)
  • Massive 2" Diameter Heavy-Duty Steel Tube 
  • Radiused Rear Axle Tabs (Welding Required)

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