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  • S&B Filters Cold Air Intake Kit (Dry Filter)
  • S&B Filters Cold Air Intake Kit (Dry Filter)
  • S&B Filters Cold Air Intake Kit (Dry Filter)
  • S&B Filters Cold Air Intake Kit (Dry Filter)
  • S&B Filters Cold Air Intake Kit (Dry Filter)

S&B Filters

S&B Filters Cold Air Intake Kit (Dry Filter)



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The S&B Filters Cold Air Intake Kit (Dry Filter) 75-5043D for your 2007.5-2009 Dodge 6.7L Cummins increases airflow, horsepower and all-around performance. This intake features a dry, disposable filter that does not require any oil!

Amazing airflow, solid protection and great looks.
It's definitely the best looking intake but the test results are what really puts the competition to shame. At 653 CFM, the cleanable setup out flows stock by 48.2% while maintaining a 99.81% efficiency rating. Our intake with a dry filter flows 49.3% better than stock with a 99.68% efficiency.

ISO 5011 Filtration Testing.
Standard when testing for airflow, efficiency and capacity. This is the same protocol used by most of the large automakers.
Airflow testing shows how S&B compares to stock and the competition, the goal is to beat both. S&B tests for efficiency to make sure that your engine is protected from debris while sucking in even more air. Lastly, they monitor the capacity of the filter to see how much dirt it can hold before needing to be serviced.

Airflow with options.
When its cool out, remove the included plug from the secondary box opening, and engulf an insane amount of air. With the secondary port open, the restriction of the air flow is decreased. Lower restriction equals better airflow.

Fits better than stock.
Easy to install with a fitment that rivals the OE intake. Securely mounts to the frame with only one (1) attachment point.

Get the most out of your kit. Get the scoop (sold separately).
To help pull in more cool air S&B developed an air scoop for this intake. The scoop will help you extend your intake's reach by connecting to the secondary opening on the air box to pull more air from below the bumper. S&B tests all of their scoops to the SAE J2554 Water Spray Removal Test Standard to ensure your engine is protected from rain and splashing. Please be aware that the scoop will only work on stock bumpers. Do not submerge.


  • Dry, Disposable Filter
  • Increased Power & Performance
  • Clear Filter Lid For Easy Inspection

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