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  • Turbonetics Torque-Master Intercooler Upgrade #2-479


Turbonetics Torque-Master Intercooler Upgrade #2-479



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Fits 1994-2002 Cummins motors and reduces EGT's by 150 degrees!

Strong, tough, powerful, durable what other adjectives can we come up with to describe the 5.9 Cummins? It has been the diesel standard for years and the Turbonetics Torque-Master Upgrades for the 5.9 live up to everything the Dodge badge stands for.

Lowering the intake temperature has a dramatic effect on reducing exhaust gas temps. We know you want to pull longer, steeper, and heavier and having the very best intercooler makes it possible. For every degree the intake temp is lowered, just as much exhaust gas temperature can be reduced. When you turn the boost up, or decide to bolt up one of the Torque-Master Turbo Upgrades you can pull and tow hard knowing that the Spearco Intercooler upgrades provide the most efficient W.A.V.E. Technology core and lowest pressure drop on the market today.

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